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Fucking Avril Lavigne.

She’s not hideous or anything, but for someone so successful and rich she perpetually looks like an exceptionally haggard fourteen year old going through an awkward phase that will never end, the most cringeworthy, crude moments of adolescence frozen in time, that is her career. 

It’s like, you have money, why do you look like your jewellery will leave green stains on your skin that you’ll spend days scrubbing off? Why does your entire outfit look like it was shoplifted out of a bargain bin at Claires? Why are your songs even more vapid and less emotionally mature now than when you were actually sixteen years old? C’mon now.

I refuse to believe she actually believes this is good, between that Hello Kitty song and her marrying that guy from Nickleback her life feels like shitty sardonic performance art produced by some wankered, untalented Goldsmiths student for a laugh. I’m going to bed, this is all too much for me. 

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A baby wombat scurrying across the floor

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i found a leather jacket made for build-a-bears in my closet so naturally i had to put it on my cat



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"While women in precolonial Philippines were often designated to the venerable position of the babaylan, it was not an uncommon occurrence for them to pick up arms and become warriors.”

- Perry Gil S. Mallari, The Filipina as Ritualistic and Warrior

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VOGUE girl No.3

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